Quick,say the name of this blog really fast

Tell me that doesn’t sound like a Sesame Street character. Honkifyousayfuckalot is the snuffaluffagus’s brother that no one talks about.

Anyway,I started this blog because like 4 of the 30 friends I have on Facebook thought my posts were funny..the other 26 I assume are uptight arseholes( I’m not British but I’ve been to London once so I’m allowed to say arse or the word innit ) or people who think topics like poop and heroin aren’t entertaining. Here’s hoping whoever stops by here does.

My first few entries will be old Facebook posts so if I’m writing about snow in the middle of June,that’s why. Or I took too much medication and was hallucinating. You may find yourself wondering about that last one quite a bit. You’ve been warned.


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